Terms and Conditions

On arrival to the Macarthur Kids Markets, please let the event organisers know you have arrived and you will be directed to your stall. A table will be set up ready for you and if you have hired a clothing rack, it will also be available at your stall.

30minutes before our event opens, empty tables will be allocated to other stallholders or removed. We do not provide a refund if you do not attend or change your mind.

Consider the health and safety of fellow stallholders and guests during setup, pack down and while the event is on. If you have any items displayed on the floor, do regular checks to make sure they do not create a trip hazard.

All exit doors must be kept clear at all times. Please do not place items, clothes racks or tables in front of exit doors.

Your task on the day of the Macarthur Kids Markets is to sell your goods and you will not be reimbursed for lack of sales. Read through the tips on pricing and attracting customers to your table as they will assist you to gain the most of your experience as a stallholder. We have also created a handy Run Sheet to assist you to get the most out of selling your items. The Run Sheet will be emailed to you on the Thursday before the event.

Children are welcome to accompany you to the event however they must be supervised at all times.

Macarthur Kids Markest reserves the right to refuse admission to our events to any person without giving any reason.

Macarthur Kids Markets shall not be held responsible for the compliance by a stallholder with any By-Laws, Regulation, Act or Statute.

Macarthur Kids Markets accepts no responsibility for any transaction entered into between stallholders and buyers at our events. If a dispute is raised by a buyer at the event, please work through it in a professional manner. Advise an event team member if there is a dispute that arises on the day that you are not able to settle. If a dispute is raised after the event, we will provide your contact details to the person who raises the dispute.

Macarthur Kids Markets accepts no liability for the loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person who enters the event area and all persons who enter the event area do so at their own risk. The stall holder agrees to indemnify the Macarthur Kids Markets against all claims for damages or injury to the property or person of any persons in respect of any claim by any such person arising out of negligence on the part of the stall holder, assistants or family members helping them at the event.