Pricing your items…

We are often asked to assist with pricing items. If you need assistance in pricing, here are some handy hints:

  1. Ask yourself how much I would pay for it. Ask friends how much they would pay.
  2. Consider the brand, quality, age and whether it is still popular today.
  3. Search eBay for the same or similar items. While you will see a list of what is for sale, if you apply the ‘sold’ filter and location ‘Australia’, it will give you a realistic price for local sales.
  4. Have clear prices on items – this may be in the form of small stickers on individual items or signs on boxes/tubs with one price clearly visible.
  5. Bundle items (this is a great way to sell more items). Have clear signs and/or tell people about the bundles 3 for $x, 5 for $x, or 10 for $x.
  6. Be prepared to bargain and be flexible – especially in the last half hour of the day…this is when buyers really want to hunt down a bargain.