Attracting people to your table…

We are often asked how to price items as well as how to attract people over to a table. Here are some handy hints on attracting potential buyers to your stall:

  • Use colourful and bright signage


  • Smile, use eye contact and say hello to potential buyers. You would be surprised how many people are drawn to a table when the stallholder greets them and smiles 😉 If you look down at your phone, are busy talking to your helpers or sitting down behind your items, then potential buyers may walk by!!! There is a reason large-scale retailers have a friendly face at the door of their shops smiling and saying hello to people that enter!!!
  • Chat with potential buyers – ask them if there is anything in particular that they are looking for
  • Have a bargain box to attract buyers to your stall as when your stall appears busy this will attract even more shoppers. Or better yet, make your table a bargain table!!! The more you sell, the more money in your pocket and less you need to take home!!!

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